Video Tweet Threads on Twitter

  • Share YouTube videos on Twitter
  • Tweets with video attracted 10x more twitter engagement
  • There are over 2 billion video views on Twitter each day
  • 82% of Twitter users watch video content on the platform
  • Tweets with videos get 6X more retweets than photos and 3X more than GIFs
  • Twitter optimized videos can drive a 33% increase in emotional engagement
  • Threads on twitter generate 54% more twitter engagement than tweets containing links
  • Product focused videos see a 24% increase in positive interest and 34% in click intent
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Tweet a video link How to post youtube video on twitter without link
How to post a youtube video to twitter Video tweet thread

The Product

Post video clips on social media with one click

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Posting on twitter Schedule on twitter


  • Post videos on Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok
  • Share Youtube URL or Mp4 videos
  • Schedule your video posts
  • For Twitter, Clippost automatically takes care off
    • Restrict videos within 512MB size
    • Restrict videos within 2 minutes and 20 seconds
    • Encoding video in H264 High Profile format
  • Thread analytics for twitter (coming soon)
  • Download individual clips (coming soon)
  • Add numbering to tweets in threads (coming soon)
  • Mute videos (coming soon)

How to embed youtube video on twitter How to schedule a thread on twitter


More platforms support on the way

How to post a youtube video to twitter Twitter videos download


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Video content will account for about 82% of overall internet traffic in 2022

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